Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Day In The Life

Over the weekend, I had the flu. Bad. I'm not going to say which flu, because even saying a certain word stirs up all kinds of panic, so I'll just say I had The Flu.

I had picked up Daney from school early because she had a migraine and leg seizures. When we got home, I fell in bed, and she ended up taking care of me.

Dominic had his twelfth birthday party. We couldn't have it here (Flu and all), so Dave moved the party to the park.

Within a couple of hours there, two kids (out of eight) had broken their noses. Rees was one of them; he was Parkouring from picnic table to picnic table, and missed.

It would have made a great family portrait: Rees, with his huge purple nose; me, with raccoon eyes and yellow skin; Daney, pale, post-migraine; and Dominic and Dave, healthy and whole as ever.


Christy Raedeke said...

Something weird is going on in the universe right now.

I can't believe you had a 25% broken nose rate at Dom's birthday party. At least it's one you'll never forget!

I hope your'e feeling better!

Suzanne Young said...

WHOA!! Poor thing!!!