Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So, I'm all about trauma (not really), and am absolutely prepared for and calm during any calamity involving people, pain, and body fluids (no way).

When my EMT husband is around, I go ahead and let him deal with the accidents and injuries. Since it's his hobby, and everything.

I watch his craft, and listen to his stories about blood, guts, spit, snot, vomit, and liquids of the bathroom nature.

I'll even watch "Trauma," NBC's troubled drama (hence the portmanteau).

But something about the show really irks me, and it's definitely not the setting (San Francisco).

All the male characters have this need to take care of Nancy, an otherwise capable and experienced paramedic. And I'm talking all the males: the ER doctor, Nancy's current riding partner, Nancy's ex-partner, the helicopter pilot, her dad.

I can deal with her low-cut uniform shirt and her low-rise pants. But I can't deal with the premise that although Nancy can take care of the most critical patients, she can't take care of herself.

Maybe if the show had been a little more feminist (okay, I'd settle for a little less sexist), it wouldn't have flatlined.

Maybe if NBC had stuck to the blood and guts (and the Castro episode), even viewers like me would've given it a better chance.

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