Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where I Live, er, Write

The smoothest, richest coffee in the world, in the sleekest building, served by the most talented, friendly baristas, is on Fourth Street in Ashland, Oregon, at Noble Coffee.

This is where I sip, where I write, where I meet my friends to talk over pretty mochas while Sam roasts beans behind the glass.

There is a story to be written here and about here every day.

Today, for instance, I sipped a hot chocolate, a real hot chocolate, between a seasoned monk and a student from Afganistan.

Today, Caleb gave away drinks to Daney and me. "How many people did you bring in here over the holidays?" he asked. And we both chuckled, because it was a lot.

I've been given business cards, a job offer, and an almanac in Noble.

I've given out praise and tips and half of a carrot muffin.

Noble is where I met my inspiring writing partner. It's where Dave takes me when he gets off shift on the weekends, after I've been with the kids all day and night. It's where I've swapped curriculum with Polly.

Caleb, Kelly, and Jared deserve the success of their booming business. Before they opened (last spring), I didn't drink coffee. And I still don't, really, not unless it's Noble. It's an original blend: smooth, rich, and bold. It's environmentally savvy, too: organic and fair-trade.

I've shared my addiction, sending the World Tour roast all over the nation, and am going to ask about how to get a pound or two to Rwanda.

If you can't get yourself to this amazing place, order some beans by mail. You can grind them up and drip yourself one life-changing espresso.

(pictures from Marisa Haedike at and from, respectively)


Shannon O'Donnell said...

I want this place in my town. You are so lucky to have a cool hangout like that, Jennie. *imagine pouty face*

I guess I'll have to settle for ordering the beans. :-)

Anonymous said...

True that!

anjie said...

Ah, noble Noble. Totally blogworthy.

Jennie Englund said...

Shannon, get the beans. You deserve them!

Waiting for your take on the place, Anjie!

petersonyem said...

That place sounds great. I look forward to going the next time we are up there.

Anonymous said...

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