Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tourettes Meets Jacques Cousteau

Our "baby," almost nine, is a reincarnation of sorts of my brother, Steven, who's 26. They are so the same brain we call them both "Rees-ven." (This is them in Cabo last fall.)

One summer in Tahoe, the two came to dinner dressed head-to-toe in the same digs. They wore camouflaged bandannas, yellow polo shirts, khakis, huarache sandals, with some crazy rag tied around their wrists.

When I'm going under from Rees' getting into stuff, and breaking things, and being hungry, and asking questions (the height of which is August, I've realized), I call Steven, crying, to ask him how our mom made it.

Both of them are brilliantly inquisitive. Steven asked me recently if memory is proof of intelligence, and when I thought about that for a few months and gave him an answer, he asked me another question about art and religion. And the other day when I begged Rees to let me just drive and listen to the "Glee" soundtrack, he said, "Okay. Just one more thing. Where does wind come from?"

Both these boys have good intentions. They are sensitive, creative, funny, and they like skeletons, Legoes, and singing Sublime songs. They make a wicked pirate team.

At Rees' school conference last week, Steven was Number One on his "All About Me" family page. His teacher relayed that Rees has lots and lots of friends, and that he's a good friend who'll keep those people his whole life. Like Steven has.

But nothing proves Rees' likeness to Steven more than last night. I was griping about my flu into Dave's side at the kitchen table, and Rees walked by. "The female cries into the arm of the male," he narrated, without stopping.


MeganRebekah said...

It's amazing when kids take after extended family.
My dad always says the same thing about my younger brother -- he's exactly like my uncle.

(and I do think that memory is often connected to intelligence, in that people were strong memories come off as more intelligent)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Ha ha ha. I love it! How special for you and your brother (and your son). Family relationships and bonds like that are priceless! :-)

Elana Johnson said...

What a cute photo. And this is such a great tribute to your brother. Did you know you were doing that?

Jennie Englund said...

This post reminded my dad of when Steven was little one summer in Tahoe. They were in the market when he announced, "Milk prices are increasing."

Quirky and random -- just like Rees!