Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My New Favorite

store is.... HARBOR FREIGHT!

This is a tool place, and I LOVE it! Every Sunday, Daney and I clip their coupons out of the San Francisco Chronicle, and we hit up the wide aisles of wire and screws and containers for both of those.

We buy our battery tester for $2 minus 20% and get a free pair of utility scissors, a free flashlight, and a free electrical meter with it.

Last week we got a six-piece screwdriver set.

Of course we don't just shop.

One big question we ask ourselves every time is why all women work in a store like this, with wire and screws and containers for both, with toothless man-customers, under the blaring flourescent lights.

Of course we feel guilty buying this stuff made in China, wrapped in plastic.

But we get all crazy guessing what we might get next Sunday with our coupons. We're waiting for the something that will make all our boys here green with envy.


DLCurran said...

HaHa! Sometimes I wish I had a daughter as well as my boys to even things out around here! Sounds like you two have some good fun! :) Any particular projects on the go?

Shannon O'Donnell said...

We don't have a Harbor Freight near us - bummer! :-)

Catherine Denton said...

Haven't heard of that store but it sounds exciting!

Making Life a Work of Art!

Robin Mellom said...

Haha! We LOVE our Harbor Freight catalog.

Jennie Englund said...

No daughter? No Harbor Freight?

How do you girls get through it all?