Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Under Water

Reesie (9) overflowed his second toilet this week, only this time, we didn't catch it as quickly. This time, the water ran and ran, flooding our bathroom, our bedroom, our closet and garage.

Yes, it's two days before Thanksgiving. Before we have five families over for the feast. And instead of thawing the turkey, we're pulling up carpet.

Dave and I could be mad, really mad.

But we're trying not to be. Instead, we're working together with the steam vac and mop.

We had to throw out all the kids' artwork I've been saving for 13 years (which is ironic, considering my last post). We had to throw out my school picture from first grade, Dave's firefighting books.

It was hard at first, but then it got easy. We tossed stuff into garbage bags without even looking at it.

There's now lots of nice space and a smooth floor between the white walls, like it was a decade ago when we moved in. I love it.

If you and I could do this with our writing, if we could let go of "stuff" and keep the essence of the room, what would that bring to our stories? How would our writing become more focused, richer, clean, and clear?

And honest to God, why, when it's snowing outside right now, does Reesie have the hose turned on?


Catherine Denton said...

Oh man...Glad you could find the good in it!
Catherine Denton

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Oh, Jennie! I know just how you feel. The house we had before we moved last May flooded 3 times in the basement. We had to rip up carpet and replace sheet rock etc... way too many times. I hate water in the house!! Good luck. I hope Thanksgiving is for you is so wonderful you overflow with happiness! :-)

Anonymous said...

I've had to throw things away because of leaks and mold. Once because I was living in a roach motel that needed a fumigation, and roaches destroyed some of my possessions. Even after throwing things out, some of which had memories or were necessities, I was able to let go and appreciate the space made available.

Jennie Englund said...

This was posted hours and days before carpet pulling and cleaning and re-laying.

Ay caramba.