Sunday, April 19, 2009

Studying Kids Studying Bugs

For writing research, I took the kids to a couple different places within the same creek. We wanted to see if we could find the same species, and the same general amounts of these species, within the different spots.

We found less crayfish, but huge amounts of hardy water scorpions, in the more polluted part of the creek.
The kids had a great time, studying bugs while I studied them.

Even The Husband got into it:
Check out this crawfish fight (or maybe mating)! The one on top is pinning the other with its claws! And that's a horsetail snake whipping around over both of them.
A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Although, I definitely prefer this method of slogging my feet through water:
A yummy bubble bath. Mmmm...


amy kennedy said...

Love the toes Jennie and your profile pic couldn't be prettier!

Anonymous said...

It's a HorseHAIR snake, Mamoo!

Love, Domma

Heidi said...

very interesting research!!

Jennie Englund said...

Thanks for the toes praise, Amy! A certain friend must've drug me to a pedicure...

Okay, got it, Dominic! HorseHAIR!

Heidi, it was really fun. And totally informative/thought-provoking.

Jennie Englund said...

That would be DRAGGED, not drug.

Can anyone tell my brain's fried from a big revision?