Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Haven't Been / Have Been

I know. I haven't been blogging. I haven't been writing much of anything. I haven't been revising, either. Or creating the syllabi for the classes I'll start teaching next week.

What I've been doing is... a lot of school stuff with my kids. Because when school starts for me, I can't do much else. So I've been walking to the pond on field trips. And to the farm. I've been driving around forgotten lunches. And having "goal-setting" conferences.

I've done drywall.

And yesterday, Dave took me up to the point of origin for the 160-acre Deer Creek Fire.

I've been gathering up medical receipts for reimbursement.

And taking pictures of the lack of posted speed limits where I got a ticket a couple of weeks ago.

I've watched the "Don't Stop Believin'" part of Glee with Daney about 25 times.

I've read with Rees, and helped Dominic with the Challenge Problems of his math.

I've had breakfast and lunch and dinner with girlfriends. Then walking and running and doing yoga to burn off at least some of it.

So, see, I've been working. Just not on writing stuff.

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