Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here's Why

I haven't been blogging:

Because somehow we're five whole weeks into the term already.

Because I've been ironing out a new speech curriculum.

Because Dominic has had track meets at the middle school.

Because my sister Erika and her husband Ryan and their incredible 11 week-old baby came to visit from Sacramento.

Because I'm writing a little, and thinking about e-books a lot.

Because with a monthly grocery bill total of over $1500, that's oodles of shopping and unpacking and cooking!

Best Easter ever? Writing group pizza! Four writers, four men, eight kids hopped up on marshmallow eggs.

How about you? You getting any writing done?


Shannon O'Donnell said...

$1500??? Holy cow, Jennie! Are you feeding the neighborhood? LOL.

Things with me are pretty good. All three kiddos are playing baseball (well, Molly is softball) so I'm at games a lot. 6 weeks left of school (yippee!). Writing? Not so much. :-)

Bethany Mattingly said...

Whew busy life. I'll be glad when summer gets here (10 days!) and I can finally get back to writing and blogging my heart out.

anjie said...

Blogging's taking such a backseat in my life that not only am I neglecting to post, but I'm forgetting to read any!

Oh well, at least I can keep up with you at Easter Pizzas.