Friday, June 19, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Lovely

We're back!

Tahoe was fantastic... well, most of it, anyway. The kids had a great time with different cousins at different beaches, and Dave and I did this thing we never do: relax.

Here we are at Sugar Pine Point State Park. Ahhh...

I'm not sure how many more years of jumping off the rocks at DL Bliss Dave and I have, but we managed to do it this time!

Yep, there's nothing to take one's mind of a revision like a plunge into 58 degree water.

The kids caught crawdads, counted pine cones, dug in the sand, and swam.

Now. The not-so-good? The FOOD! Terrible eats, and even worse service.

We experienced everything from menus thrown at us to forgotten toast to a long black hair in our steamed clams.

What the heck?

At El Toro Bravo in Truckee our last night, though, things finally turned around. Thank God. And Poppa.

Next year: same people, same place. We'll just bring our own food.

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