Friday, June 25, 2010

Country Boy

My baby, Rees, will be nine on Sunday.

Rees claims he drove a tractor out of my belly, it's how he was born, and that might be true.

When he was one, he went crazy over a country station we accidentally had on the radio. At the time, his favorite outfit was a too-big pair of cowboy boots, and a "goggy," (a leather vest) over a diaper.

When Rees was three, we took him to Disneyland, where he cried in line for the rockets, because he thought we were going to my aunt's ranch in central Oregon.

This ranch is Rees' Utopia. Since he could walk, he's been collecting eggs, climbing hay, and riding quads. Once, a wire gate fell on him, pinning him onto a patch of strawberries, face-up and all splayed out, with his light-up Bugs Life shoes flashing.

Rees knows the difference between combines and Kubotas. He's a John Deere man, particularly. And he's never been without a pair of knee-high rubber boots.

I think Reesie loves the quiet of the country. He's drawn to the openness, the tomato plants, the rolly pollies. It's a perfect match. He's respectful of nature: trees, sticks, snakes. His idea of a good time is laying irrigation pipe.

Only thing is, since I'm all city, and Dave's no ranch hand, we have no idea where Rees came from. Oh, right: from my belly! On a tractor.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Happy birthday to your country-lovin, tractor boy! As a Montana girl, he's a winner in my book! :-)

Jennie Englund said...

Thanks, Shannon!

Someday, we'll visit! We almost moved to Missoula instead of Oregon 17 years ago. Are you a native?

Ken said...

When he was only five years old, I needed his help to bleed the brakes on my car. He did everything I needed, he didn't complain and he didn't expect anything in return. So which one of us do you think learned the most from the other one that day?

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