Thursday, June 17, 2010

How I Know For Sure It's Summer

Because my kids are going a thousand miles an hour in a thousand different directions.

Because there are kids I've never seen before eating pizza and Popsicles in my kitchen.

Because the grocery bill has doubled.

Because the water bill has doubled.

Because there are paint ball splats all over the front lawn.

Because Reesie is barefoot -- even in the bank.

Because I'm blogging about every five days.

How about you? How do you know for sure that it's summer?


Jana said...

Well, since it's June and I live in Montana, I know it summer because IT'S RAINING!!

Guinevere said...

That's so cute! A list like this makes me look forward to having kids someday. :)

I know it's summer because I'm *not* in school, only working - reading pool-side, running in the sunshine. And because I can't head into D.C. on the weekends, because there are too many tourists!

prashant said...

That's so cute!
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